Covid-19 Hand Sanitiser for General Practice

A collaborative service by:

A magnificent Australian Manufacturer!!!

Anna Davidson - Rural & Metropolitan Health

Riwka Hagen - Medical Business Services

Matt Gilchrist - Healthy Business for Doctors

Last Update: 18 March 2020

The Plan
  • To enable general practice to purchase bulk hand sanitiser from an Australian supplier

  • To create local distribution hubs for fast supply

  • To facilitate ongoing delivery using effective purchasing authorisation

  • To limit siphonage to non GP organisations

  • To support practices to remain open and service their communities

How does it work?
  • Individual practices commit to purchasing a bulk supply of 100 litres of hand sanitiser. A medium size practice currently uses approximately 1 litre of hand sanitiser a day (when available!)

  • A local distributing agency (a practice, a PHN, a rural health network or other entity) agrees to purchase a minimum of 1000 litres of hand sanitiser (delivered in 50 X 20 litre containers)

  • The distributing agency completes the form with the following information;

    • Name and contact details of the  distributing agency​

    • Names and contact details of all the practices who have committed to purchasing 100 litres (5 X 20L containers)

    • Declaration that all listed practices have committed to the purchase

    • Declaration that product will be supplied at purchasing cost to participating practices

    • Declaration that the manufacturer will not be disclosed (to avoid 3rd party contacts to the manufacturer)

  • We provide the hand sanitiser supplier with purchasing information​ 

  • The supplier will invoice the distributing agency and deliver the order. Delivery is FREE -  commitment from the supplier to support the industry at this difficult time.

  • The distributing agency invoices the practices, together with proof of cost (without disclosing manufacturer detailes)

  • The distributing agency is responsible for coordinating the delivery/collection of hand sanitiser for their region

  • Further orders follow the same procedure.

  • The supplier will NOT permit direct orders without our authorisation


How much will the hand sanitiser cost?

We are awaiting final costings from the supplier and expect to have this information available late 18/3/2020. Please note that supplies are subject to change as ingredient costings change over time.

What brand is the hand sanitiser?

The product is a generic, Australian made gel based hand sanitiser with 71% alcohol base.

Can we purchase more or less than 100L per practice?

At this stage, to keep the delivery as streamlined as possible, you can only purchase 100L. 

Why can't we order directly from the manufacturer?

  1. To make it easier for the manufacturer (to continue to produce products) and reduce delivery costs

  2. To avoid other entities from depleting stock

Can distributing agencies purchase  more than 1000L?

Yes they can, however they will need to supply details of all the participating practices to justify their orders

What role do the program organisers play?

Anna Davidson - key contact with local supplier, assistance with program management and authorisation of orders

Matt Gilchrist - assistance with program management and authorisation of orders

Riwka Hagen - program communication, management and authorisation of orders

All work is provided on a volunteer basis

How can you arrange supplies when none are available nationally?

We have an existing relationship with the supplier who is committed to supporting the health industry during the Covid-19 crisis. We acknowledge this tremendous contribution and we want to work with them to make the product available to general practices as soon as possible so that we can maintain service continuity SAFELY for our staff and practices. The manufacturer is delivering at no cost - a tremendous donation to our industry and they have committed to keeping their prices as low as possible. We would like to acknowledge their fantastic contribution.

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