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Practice Management
eLearning Courses

We have repeatedly been asked about online learning options for practice managers, nurses and administrative staff.

We are delighted to launch not only our bite sized but detailed eLearning modules that will provide you with opportunities to deep-dive into the topics that interest you the most, but also our Small Group Learning Program which provides a rich and extending learning environment which is appropriate no matter your level of experience.


How are we different from other programs?

We focus on the operational and practical knowledge required for effective medical practice management - not just the business theories. You will learn how you can implement or update systems at YOUR practice to elevate your performance and enhance business success. We do this by tapping into many decades of industry expertise to bring you up to date and relevant courses.

With a rapidly expanding curriculum, we cover all the key areas of practice management responsibility.

For PHNs, we offer customised and bespoke training programs that meet your cohort's needs and your budget. Contact us for more information.

eLearning Modules
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Small Group Learning | Meeting Calendar

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