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Professional & Leadership Coaching

Our Professional and Leadership Coaching program has been developed to provide health care professionals including Practice Managers, doctors, team leaders, directors, CEOs and executive staff to

  • become a more effective leader using coaching methodologies in the workplace

  • find clarity and purpose when you are ‘stuck’

  • determine clear, actionable solutions to your challenges to help you achieve your goals

  • realise your full capability and uncover new opportunities

  • map the pathway forward when you are unsure of your direction

Our coaching program is delivered by Riwka Hagen, Certified Leadership Coach and Director of Medical Business Coaching - a partner organisation of Medical Business Services

We can help you maximise your potential and work with you to understand 'the issue behind the issue'

How is a coaching delivered?

All coaching is delivered via one-on-one Zoom sessions or, if you are located in Victoria, face-to-face is possible too!

The program structure, length and duration is flexible according to your needs.

Single Sessions | 60 or 90 minutes

These are most suitable to address a specific life, career or leadership challenge.

Coaching Program | 6 to 8 sessions

A flexible and tailored program over 4 to 6 months to develop your leadership capability, remediate more complex challenges and support your career progression.

How do I find out more information?

  • Use the chat box or 'Contact Us' to let us know what you are looking to achieve

  • We will set up a time to chat so that we can recommend the most suitable program or service for you

“I would recommend coaching to other leaders because the value of having time and open, frank conversations with someone who doesn’t work for you or whom you don’t work for is invaluable”  

Thomas Keown, Many Hopes founder and chief executive officer.

Our Coaching Principles
Trust is everything

Above all, we will always act with integrity, honesty, openness and respect

Your positive coaching experience is our measure of success

Client feedback | Coaching

Practice Manager

Coaching Client

I feel I really gel with Riwka as a coach. Her approach and the way she explains and breaks down my action plans really resonates. I have improved my self reflection, developed strategies to deal with issues and gained confidence in my own abilities. I feel motivated and confident following my sessions to go into scenarios I previously hid away from

Practice Manager

Coaching Client

I am very grateful for the patience and gentle guidance shown by Riwka. I thought I would feel overwhelmed by the coaching session, but Riwka's approach provided me with such ease I was able to really set myself to make positive steps to achieve my goals.

Practice Manager

Coaching Client

You made such a difference to my mindset and I am truly grateful. It can be so rewarding when you work with the right people.

Practice Manager

Coaching Client

Through coaching I have someone to discuss things with, with an open mind and no conflicts of interest. I have clarity on strategies that I can implement.

Riwka was lovely and very understanding of the difficulties practice managers sometimes face.

I have really benefited from working with a coach and the session resulted in clear actions and steps to move me forward.

RZ | Coaching Client

What I wanted to achieve from my coaching program were to gain a clear idea on what I need to make an important decision.

What I received was clarity, ease of mind and a sense of calm.

Riwka is an excellent coach who got me on the right path

JB | Coaching Client

The last session was very much a turning point for me. I guess you could say that the "penny dropped" from a number of aspects, mainly due to Riwka's ability to hone in on what the actual issues are.

Riwka is able to see beyond the "perceived" problem or area of focus. Her ability to "drill" down further at appropriate times, and guide the discussion to a point where you have better clarity around a solution is quite satisfying. Her questions are respectful and she asks them in a way that does not make you feel that the boundary has been crossed.

Through coaching I have gained clarity around my inner self, improved confidence and motivation.

Manager | Coaching Client

I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching session

I learnt heaps and how to approach my situation has allowed me to consider my options with much more clarity.

I felt very comfortable talking to Riwka, knew she was listening to me and also knew and understood the overall process and strategy.

I will absolutely follow up and ask advice in the future. Thank you so much.


Is a coaching program or session right for you? Use the chat box or 'contact us' for more information and to arrange an introductory meeting

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