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2022 Salary Survey ©
Custom Data Request

Through the Facebook 'Practice Managers Network', we run a detailed annual Salary Survey that encompasses GP, Allied Health and Specialist practices for practitioner, administrative, nursing and Practice Manager salaries.

All participants in the survey receive the core report at no charge in recognition of their participation. If you have not participated, but would like access to the report, you can do so here, as well as receive the additional detailed data.

We provide you with additional report granularity to give deeper insight into the metrics that matter to you.

For example;

  • Pay rate data, FTE, personnel information for

    • staff with specific classification(s)

    • practices in specific states

    • practices in specific ruralities

    • practices in specific specialities

    • practice size

We can combine any of the measured metrics to give you the detail that helps you best.

If you would like additional detail, please complete the payment of $215 + GST which can provide up to 3 measures of your choice. In the checkout notes, please indicate the measure(s) you are ordering and if you require a copy of the report summary.

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