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A Comprehensive Approach

  • General Practice support

  • Coaching, mentoring, training & advisory 

  • Service review

  • Business planning

  • Business start-up

  • Financial management

  • Human resources/staffing

  • Workforce Planning

  • RACGP Accreditation support / gap analysis

  • Risk management & governance systems

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Online learning & training modules

  • Customised instructional cartoon videos

  • Information Technology

  • Community Health sector expertise

Online eLearning modules now available!

General Practice Support

We understand complexity!

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Accreditation Support

RACGP Standards for General Practice


Having assessed hundreds of practices over many years means that we can help you both in the preparation stage as well as remediation of non compliant areas. 

100% Quality

Quality Improvement

We can help you with tools, resources and systems for ensuring your business delivers quality services to your clients. From marketing to patient feedback, social media use to data extraction tools (such as PenCAT) and clinical benchmarking. Contact us to find out how!

Finance & Services

Effective use of Medicare

Are you maximising and optimally using of Medicare items? We can help with chronic disease items, care planning, GP management plans, Team Care Arrangements, Health Assessments, PIP and WIP items, compliance assurance and MORE!

The Contract

New Practice

Are you planning to set up a new practice?

There are MANY 'moving parts' and developing solid foundations for your new business is imperative.

We have many years experience in primary care including new clinic set-ups and can help you by;

  • using a detailed set-up roadmap and checklist

  • providing all the necessary training and guidance for success

  • developing a strong governance foundation

  • recruiting the RIGHT staff for your needs

...and much more

Financial Report
Viability & Control

Financial Management

  • Understanding financial reports

  • Using your practice data to gain insight

  • Tracking progress using data analytics

  • Tools and resources to make it easier!

  • Billing audits to work out if you have any compliance issues

DALL·E 2024-01-22 17.20.01 - A whimsical cartoon in the style of Rube Goldberg, depicting


With extensive experience in organisational governance, we can help practice managers and owners to better understand their regulatory compliance obligations as well as develop better reporting and accountability frameworks.

The result? 

  • Improved business oversight & performance

  • Increased trust

  • Reduced 'micromanagement'

  • Improved confidence that your business will deliver on your goals

Running Up
Growth & Development

Coaching & Mentoring

Often, the most effective way to address your individual challenges is to receive direct mentoring and/or coaching support.

This one-to-one service is delivered via recorded video conferencing in a flexible format to meet your needs.

The program minimises the time away from your desk and can be scheduled during your working day.

  • Casual or pre-paid service plans available

  • Includes ability to download and view the video conference at any time at your leisure

  • Provision of resources, tools and templates to meet your needs

  • Flexible session times between 1 and 2 hours 

Analyzing Graphs

Service Review

Comprehensive service reviews are a boutique service designed to address your organisation's needs and concerns.

With our high level expertise in operational primary care, we find the 'issue behind the issue'.

We will work with your team to assess, interpret and document a course of action that will enable your business to achieve its goals and targets and elevate team performance and outcomes.

Talk to us if;

  • You are experiencing operational problems that seem too big to fix

  • Your practice is facing roadblocks

  • You know you could be achieving more, but not sure how

Business Women Planning
Explore & Focus

Strategic & Business Planning

If you are ready to gain clarity around your practice's foundational purpose, mission, vision, values and goals, then a facilitated Strategic/Business Planning workshop is for you.

We will work with your team to ask the right questions and document your plans for easy management and implementation as well as letting your patients know how you will serve their needs better than the others!

Get ready for an energising and engaging process that involves your team 

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