Online Courses

We have repeatedly been asked about online learning options for practice managers, nurses and administrative staff. We are delighted to launch our bite sized but detailed learning modules that will provide you with opportunities to deep-dive into the topics that interest you the most. 

Stay tuned whilst we expand our online courses! Membership options will be available soon to enable you to gain access to all modules. 

Business Planning is an all-in-1 course that will see you successfully develop and implement your clinic business plan. This course includes;

  • a template business plan for you to customise

  • an analysis template to help you define your focus areas for your business plan

  • an overview of RACGP 5th Edition Standards for General Practice requirements

  • Video explainers for key elements of business planning

Highly suitable for practices starting their business planning journey, this course is simple to follow and easy to implement.

Length - about 1.5 hours, plus time to develop your clinic plan.

Pandemic Planning is a 1 hour overview of how to manage and document your clinic pandemic plan.

We cover all the stages of pandemic planning to ensure you are well prepared during COVID-19 and beyond

Cervical Screening Nurse Led Clinics

Would you like to increase the uptake of cervical screening services to your community?

Have you considered developing a nurse-led clinic to improve your service offerings to your patients?

Take this course to fully understand all the considerations in developing your nurse-led cervical screening clinic.

Using a mind-mapping methodology, we will help you to establish a successful and viable nurse-led clinic.

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