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MBS Compliance 1200 by 600 - Animated Co

Course Enrolment

Welcome to Medicare Compliance!

Your course enrolment is completed.

Please bookmark this page to ensure you can access ALL components of this eLearning module;

  • Online Learning Program

  • Small Group Learning Meetings

  • Individual Coaching Sessions

    What you need to know & do

    1. Commence your learning journey RIGHT NOW! 

      • You will receive email confirmation of your enrolment with login details to your learning dashboard

      • Log into your eLearning Portal at any time to undertake this module. ​

      • You can start, pause, stop & return at your leisure

      • Don't forget to leave us some feedback when you're done! All the details are in the course lessons

    2. Register for 1 or more small group learning meetings

      • These sessions are hosted via Zoom​

      • You must register to attend and this forms an important part of your learning journey

      • Click here to register for small group learning meeting(s)

      • You can attend 1 or more Zoom meetings

    3. Coaching Session | 30 Minutes

      • Book a 30 minute coaching session to explore your progress, systems and challenges in managing the performance of your staff. 

      • With an agenda driven by YOU, we will help to elevate your performance

      • Click here to book your coaching session


    If you get stuck at any time, please reach out to us, we are here to help!

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