Practice Management Register

Are you trying to keep your head above water managing the day-to-day activities of your practice? 

Tearing your hair out with keeping track of all the information 'bits' that live all over the place?

Worried about all the registers you're required to keep for accreditation and compliance requirements?

Not interested in convoluted and complex systems that make the job even harder?

You've come to the right place!

Medical Business Services maintains the 'KISS' (keep it stunningly simple!) philosophy and has created a customisable Excel register that allows you to easily track;

Recurring Practice Manager's Tasks & Hand-over Tracker

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual or any other time frame that works for you​

  • Build a 'bible' that provides an excellent hand-over task listing

  • Never forget key dates and important tasks

  • Build a bible for task or role hand-over | Many common tasks are listed for you to customise


Staff Register

  • Keep track of staff, roles, orientation completion and immunisation​ status


Staff Training Register

  • Track staff training completed​

  • Professional development course costs tracking

  • Can be linked to training certificates via 'hyperlink' function


Key Contacts Register

  • Keep track of all your suppliers and key contacts

  • Perfect for emergency situations when you need your plumber pronto!


Quality Improvement | PDSA Register

  • Track and document your QI activities for PIP​

  • Set goals and track progress

  • Can be used as a simple 'business plan' (for solo/small practices)


Adverse Events | Near misses

  • Whenever something hasn't gone quite right, could have been done better or ​an adverse event has occurred, document it in this register to provide a birds-eye view on improvement opportunities. 

  • This register avoids disjointed adverse events reports which get lost over time



  • Keep track of complaints, follow up actions and identify themes in what your patients are unhappy about.​


Equipment and Building Maintenance Schedule

  • Identify equipment maintenance activities and when they fall due​

  • Routine building maintenance scheduler


Key Registrations

  • Track important registrations​

    • AHPRA​

    • Digital certificate expiries

    • Insurances

    • Leases

    • Contracts

    • Anything else you would like to track!

Purchase this register for a single payment of $180

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This looks fantastic! I can’t wait to fill the details in and upload to the portal for accreditation documents .

I now finally have a full accreditation document folder. I never though I would get there!

A big thank you 

Sophie E, Glen Waverley, Vic, July 2020

I have been so lost and now I have some direction!

Ellen B, Coleraine-Casterton Medical Clinic, September 2020

It is very easy to use and adapt to specific needs. The register keeps all details in one place

Kerry J, Medical Centre QLD, October 2020

The Register is perfect for my requirements. I was so pleased to not have to re invent the wheel as there is a product like this ready to be used. Thank you!

Triesa B, Grosvenor & Collins St GP Tas, October 2020

Thank you for the templates for our accreditation, we had ours on the 2nd of Feb and the surveyor loved the templates.

Sharon McM, Melbourne, Vic, Feb 2021

So far I've clicked into the attachment and already can't contain the excitement 😆🎉

Cate P, FNQ Family Practice, Feb 2021