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Medicare changes 1 October & eLearning modules

Medicare Update

Another week, another MBS update with some important changes for you to be aware of!

We now see the cessation of the Covid-19 telehealth incentive items for 'vulnerable patient' scrapped from the MBS and the reduction of normal bulk billing incentive items to their pre Covid-19 amounts.

Practices are no longer mandated to bulk bill 'Covid-19 vulnerable' patients and can apply their normal billing policies for telehealth services. This means private billing practices need to consider how their systems may need adjustment to enable fee collection for telehealth services.

Remember that telehealth services generally can only be provided to by a patient's 'usual provider'

An updated telehealth item number cheat sheet is provided here.

Telehealth Items V9.0
Download PDF • 156KB

Click here for further information about Medicare updates


eLearning & Small Group Learning

In response to many enquiries, we're delighted to bring you a series of online learning modules on a range of practice management topics.

Bite sized eLearning courses that you can start, stop and replay as it suits YOU!

We've distilled all the key information for you and supplemented it with quizzes, resources, tools and templates.

In addition to these stand-alone units, we now also offer small group learning opportunities - an immersive learning experience of 8 or 16 weeks duration where you'll undertake a number of eLearning modules & live training sessions, supplemented with an hour of group and peer learning as well as individual coaching and training sessions. Work and network with like-minded peers where development of trusted relationships is as important as skill building and expanding your practice management capability.

The curriculum options include;

· Practice Management Fundamentals for New Practice Managers

· Telehealth and Covid-19 impacts

· Medicare Chronic Disease Management

· Medicare Health Assessments

· Practice Incentives Program

· Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Closing the Gap & PIP Program

· RACGP Accreditation Basics

· Privacy & Confidentiality

· Risk Management

· Employment & HR – Health Professionals & Support Services Award & Nurses Award

· Understanding Finance and Budgeting

· Developing Team Based Care (incl nurse-led clinics)

· Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

· Leadership in Practice

· Communication and Team Performance


Interested in more information? Send us a message here and we'll get all the details to you!

Our next small group learning intake starts 2 November 2020. Places are limited to 8 participants per co-hort.

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